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How to Choose and Use Your Furniture: The Bookshelf

How to Choose and Use Your Furniture: The Bookshelf

Once you’ve bought a new home, one of the most exciting things is how to decorate it. Yet this can also be one of the biggest challenges.

You want to decorate your home in such a way that you make the most of the space available, while at the same time expressing your own personal style.

While it is a universal truth that you can never have enough space, we have compiled some ways in which you can use furniture in different ways to add to the décor, look and feel of your home – and at the same time add space. Today, we’ll be looking at the humble yet versatile bookshelf.

In the living room, you can choose different styles of bookshelves; it really only depends on what you will be using the bookshelf for. If you have limited space, a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf will provide loads of space while at the same time making the room seem bigger as it draws the eye upwards, creating vertical space. Besides books, you can have decorative containers in which to keep loose items.

You can use bookshelves as a room divider to create separate living areas. Choose an open bookshelf without a backboard so that you can see through the shelves – use books, containers and pretty things you want to display to create a semi-solid divider.

You can also choose a low, wide bookshelf to use as a TV cabinet, with storage for books, DVDs and CDs, if you’re still old-school.

In the bedroom, you can use a bookshelf for storage but also to display interesting décor. Or you can combine the two and display your prettiest heels or your favourite selection of hats. If you opt to use bookshelves as bedside stands, choose a lower but wider bookshelf to accommodate a bed light, as well as a few books, alarm clock and the other things you might want nearby.

In the bathroom, a small, narrow bookshelf makes for the perfect place to store bathroom essentials, either against an open wall or mounted on the wall next to the mirror or above the toilet. Besides toiletries you can also store rolled towels and a small hand mirror or two.

A bookshelf can be used for so much more than simply displaying books. Next time we’ll look at some other ways to make your furniture do double duty!

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