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How to Choose the Perfect Corporate Rental

How to Choose the Perfect Corporate Rental

Overall demand for furnished housing is on the rise globally. Corporate relocations and project work are the main reasons tenants look for furnished corporate and short-term luxury homes rentals – here are some key factors to consider if you are on the lookout.

Location: City or Suburbs?

Corporate rentals are ripe in inner cities, hotspots, and developing suburbs. The first decision to make is the prime location where to rent your furnished apartment or house.

Consider the proximity to your offices, the transport options available, and the amenities in the area, including schools, hospitals, and shopping areas.

Property Type: Apartment or Villa?

The corporate rental market has grown to cater to the needs of young professionals, temporary project workers, and relocating families. The latter will need larger family homes than the busy solo traveller who might prefer a bachelor-type apartment.

Decide which type of property will best suit your lifestyle needs: apartment, townhouse or family home. Discuss the options with your rental company.

Convenience and Flexibility

Commuting is important to the busy traveller and corporate professional with a flexible schedule. Look out for corporate rentals that offer close access to public transport, major roads, and the airport.

Also factor in convenience and proximity to medical care, shopping and fitness centres, and parks and recreational areas, as well as walkability – the possibility of walking in the area – if that is particularly important to you.

Views and Ambiance

Cater for your lifestyle needs, not just proximity to your office base, by taking into account the ambience, views, and the ‘look and feel’ of the neighbourhood or suburb where you are relocating.

If you require a peaceful area with minimum noise levels, a townhouse in the suburbs away from the city buzz will be a better option than an inner city residence.

Safety and Security

Corporate tenants pay significant attention to security and safety in their living quarters. It is why apartment complexes and gated communities are a popular choice. Make a point of visiting your areas of interest, check crime reports, and talk your safety needs with your corporate rental provider.

These guidelines are a good starting point for basing your corporate rental decision.

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