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Choose African Paintings for Your Home

Choose African Paintings for Your Home

If you are looking for colourful and vibrant paintings to hang on the wall of your new home then consider some of these vibrant African artists.  One of Ghana’s top artists is a man that goes by the name of Ben Agbee. He was born in Ghana in 1966, and majored in art at college. He graduated in 1989. After graduation, Agbee continued to paint while he worked in advertising and design. He has participated in several collective and individual exhibitions in Accra, other places in Ghana, the Netherlands, the United States, New Zealand and other locations internationally.

Another famous painter whose origin comes from Lagos goes by the name of Wisdom (Wiz) Kudowor who was born in 1957. Kudowor is one of Ghana’s most famous living artists and his art pieces are made of Acrylic on Canvas. He is known for his African art and vibrant impressions. Kudowor has a great eye and a distinctive style and is increasingly abstract.

Some other well-known African artists to consider are Rwandan artist Uhirwa Diane’s whose first exhibition was held at the Yego Art Centre in Kimihurura, Kigali. Uhirwa gets her inspiration from meditating on her surroundings. Typical of her art is the figure of a woman, which she paints in various forms. Her portraits depict the emotions of her subjects through the colour tones she chooses.

Another reputable painter of African art is the well-known Babalola Dare Lawson who explores classical subjects and geometrical shapes alongside colour theories and composition-items that establish a dialogue between the viewer and the canvas. He equally comments about Africa, culture and nature as well as the beauty of pen and ink on canvas.

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