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Childproofing Your Luxury Home – Part 2

Childproofing Your Luxury Home – Part 2

As much as welcoming a new baby to the family is always a joyous occasion it is often associated with the death of anything remotely luxurious or glamorous in your home.

In part one of our post we looked at 3 ways you could childproof your home without sacrifice your style and luxury.

Choose your fabrics wisely
Microfiber is one of the worst materials for stain and spill camouflaging. Natural fibre like linen, cotton, wool or an indoor/outdoor material that looks like linen are far better. They are easier to clean because they are made up of natural fibres, a misconception by most. In addition to being easier to clean they will definitely maintain the luxurious feel of your home.

Designate space for your children’s toys
Don’t allow your children’s toys to take over your home. Designate spaces around the home to store the toys that find their way outside of your children’s rooms. You can use chic baskets to help you in this endeavour, not only do they look good but they make it easy for your children to help with the clean-up.

Cover up your light coloured couches
Light coloured couches and sticky toddler fingers usually don’t go together very well but this doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your luxurious white couches just yet. Consider using a stylish slip cover that you can throw over the top and easily remove and wash as needed. The best part of this is that you have the freedom to switch up your living décor as often as you like by having more than one pattern or style of fabric for your covers.

While maintaining the integrity of your style is important looking out for the safety of your toddler should be your first priority. Always make sure that you keep dangerous objects out of reach, cover up any wires and plugs and put non-slip pads under your rugs.

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