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Why You Should Buy a Home During the Rainy Season – Part 1

Why You Should Buy a Home During the Rainy Season – Part 1

Summer or the dry season is a great time to go and see houses, the sun is shining, everything is in bloom and houses generally look their best. However, the best time for a buyer to purchase a home is during the rainy season.

A continual downpour will help reveal a whole host of issues that sunny weather hides. From the house to the surrounding environment the rainy season will give you the opportunity to see a property in the most honest manner possible. In this two-part post, we look at six reasons you should buy a home during the rainy season.

Rain will reveal any roofing issues

In most instances, you cannot simply stand on the ground and judge the quality of the roof with 100% certainty. Even if it is a newer roof it doesn’t mean that it is necessarily reliable or installed correctly. Viewing on a rainy day will reveal any issues with the roof that would otherwise go unnoticed.

You can check the quality of gutters

A healthy downpour of rain will expose the quality of the gutters in an instant. Gutters serve a vital function; they are essential in catching the rain water that runs onto the roof and transporting it as far away from your home as quickly as possible. Therefore, you should ensure that all the gutters are in place, secured properly and are free from blockages.

Rain will reveal any drainage issues on the land

The last thing anyone wants to do is buy a home and discover the land the house sits on has serious drainage issues or is in a flood zone. Viewing homes during the rainy season will help you weed out any properties that end up being potentially dangerous in the long run.

Don’t miss part two of our post where we look at three more reasons why you should buy a home during the rainy season.

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