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Big Mirrors Open Up Small Spaces

Big Mirrors Open Up Small Spaces

Snow White’s evil queen got one thing right – a big mirror can be magical. It does wonders to make smaller spaces seem bigger and dynamics to a room.

Because mirrors reflect light, they can open up a small room and make it seem much bigger. The trick is in maximising the way you use the mirror and where you place it.

A large mirror between two windows or perpendicular to a big window or doorway takes advantage of the incoming light and doubles up on the illusion of another window (or door) that opens up to the outside.

Placed opposite a window, a large mirror will reflect the light from the window, which in turns creates a feeling pf openness and space.

Why not go big with an entire mirror wall? Use smaller mirror tiles to build one big one as a solid mirror can be a bit over the top, and is very expensive to replace if it gets a crack. Because the visual effect is seamless, with the mirror tiles stretching from floor to ceiling, it elongates the room and gives the impression of double the space.

A large mirror in the dining room adds a touch of elegance and makes for the perfect wall decoration – it suits any décor theme and colour scheme, so you remain unrestrained when choosing themes for dinner parties.

Placing a mirror between a wall and a table creates an illusion of elongated room, doubling up the table and chairs in front of it. (It’s also great for dinner by candlelight!)

Another room of the house where you need a large, floor-to-ceiling mirror is in the bedroom. Besides adding the illusion of more space, it’s also a great way to check your outfit for the day and make sure it’s perfect!

Oversized mirrors are excellent to use to create the illusion of more space. They are the perfect wall decorations as the blend in with all colour schemes and décor themes. However you choose to use them, remember the golden rules: keep mirrors clean. Otherwise you’ll get the opposite effect of the one at which you were aiming.

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