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Best Bookshelf Ideas: Upcycle

Best Bookshelf Ideas: Upcycle

“When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.” Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Book lovers have a constant problem: always too many books, too little space. Good books are the kind you keep to read and reread, over again. Books become like old friends you want to visit every once so often. And given enough time, this book collection can become quite large.

Whether you are an avid reader with a large collection of books or a part-time book worm with only a select few volumes, we’ve looked at some innovative ways you can store books around the house without taking up loads of space.

Pallet book shelf

Pallets are current very popular to be upcycled into furniture. While you see plenty of floor book shelves or standing book shelves made of pallets, why not go for a wall-mounted pallet book shelf – not only does it save on floor space, but you also get a quirky, upcycled effect, and, hey – not everyone you know will have one so it can be a great conversation piece.


Book shelving from spice racks

Bet you never thought of using this trusted kitchen spaces to use as an innovative book shelf! Yet these racks are perfect to use as wall-mounted book shelves for light-weight books. The narrower structure also means that, although you may not be able to pack a load of books on such a shelf, it also doesn’t take up loads of space.


Wooden spool book shelf

Upcycling is a growing global trend, as is having unique conversation pieces instead of regular furniture you see everywhere. This creative repurposed giant wooden cable spool is turned into a wheel-o’-books – a fun way of making a book shelf that not only is multi-purpose in that it serves as a table, but also adds an interesting look to any room.


Book shelves need not take up a lot of space and neither do they have to be conventional and boring. By being creative and looking at everything you already have at hand, both the available space and the resources at your fingertips, you can build a book shelf that is both practical and a conversation piece.

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