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Best of 2017 Interior Design Trends We Love

Best of 2017 Interior Design Trends We Love

The beginning of last year saw major design trends coming into fashion, from a more minimalist neutral look to an opulent mix of textures and nature-inspired prints. Below are our favourites.

Natural Themes

2017 has been, without a doubt, the year of the nature-inspired themes conveying optimism and playfulness. Think big floral patterns, leaves, butterflies, botanical and tropical prints on soft furnishing, wallpaper prints, and home accessories.

Going Green

The Pantone colour of 2017, Greenery, a yellow-green combination, has brightened homes through the year with its attention-grabbing appeal.

Used on accent walls or in combination with natural hues and textures, it proved the perfect foundation for a fresh, contemporary look.

Bold Colours

Aside from green, yellow, red, and corals introduced a warm vibe into homes after the previous stark and extreme décor of the minimalist look.

Bold colours popped in furniture accessories, geometric wallpapers, and even ceramics.

Softer Colour Shades

From the living room to the kitchen, homeowners opted for softer creamy shades for exposed bricks, subway tiles and walls, in contrast with bright accessories, colour accents and graphics.

Pure, raw white, off-white, beiges, and creams fought alongside the bright explosion of colours and pastels like dusty rose.

Faux Finishes     

Leather is slowly losing ground for ethical reasons in fashion and home décor. Not surprisingly, leather-free sofas, fake fur rugs and other faux finishes were popular choices in 2017, also for their affordable glamour appeal.

The trend expanded to furniture pieces and architectural aesthetics, e.g. fake wood ceiling beams.

Bold Patterns and Textures

Texture returned in 2017 bolder than ever. Interior designers vouched for a mixture of velvet sofas, quilted headboards, woollen throws, jute carpets, and faux fur and mohair cushions. Both natural and rich jewel tones got the buy-in.


Rose gold, gold and copper accents were trending for the most of the year in everything from furniture and lighting to cutlery and tableware. Mixing shiny metallics with softer options is likely to gain ground next.

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