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Why Baby Boomers and Millennials Love Townhouses

Why Baby Boomers and Millennials Love Townhouses

Townhouses are popping up all over inner and middle-ring suburbs around the world and buyers can’t get enough of them. This attraction no doubt comes from their almost universal appeal that hooks both baby boomers and millennials alike.

At costs below the median house price for most suburbs, they attract downsizers keen to stay in the same neighbourhood, families buying into coveted school zones and city workers. They also appeal to first-home buyers and young families, as well as investors seeking high rental returns for smaller outlays.

Here are five reasons townhouses appeal to both the baby boomers and millennials.

Urban appeal
Townhouses fit well into urban environments, where so many Millennials and Boomers have set their sights. Single-family attached properties work well in metropolitan infill lots that are on the smallish side for apartment complexes yet are too profitable for one single-family home.

Save money on maintenance
Townhouses come with less yard space than a traditional house, which is great news if you’re someone who struggles with yard maintenance. Your maintenance related expenses are drastically reduced and in some instances is almost non-existent.

Perfect for pet lovers
Townhouses are perfect for pet owners who aren’t looking to live in a single-family home. This is because most townhouses come with enough yard space which serves as an adequate dog run. The land also offers residents a manageable garden, an option that buyers wouldn’t find in an apartment rental.

Balance between privacy and a social setting
If you’re looking for the privacy and independence a single-family home provides along with the social setting that is so characteristic of apartment living a townhouse is definitely for you. Some townhouse communities, like those in the Mobus Property portfolio, come with shared amenities, which is rare for single-family homes in urban cores.

Just enough space
Townhouses offer the ideal amount of square footage. Their size is appealing to empty nesters, who may be accustomed to spacious single-family living but are looking to downsize without losing their privacy. Young couples who are interested growing their families also benefit from the mid-sized accommodations.

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