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Add Some Screening and Privacy to Estate Living

Add Some Screening and Privacy to Estate Living

Do you want to screen the neighbour’s house, beautify an empty boundary wall, or need a little more privacy in general? Here are some interesting solutions to make estate living an ideal option for your family.


Although trellises are useful as a support for climbing plants, they can be used on their own to add more interest to a wall or create a visual impact – and yes, they can be effectively used as privacy screening.

Choose between various shapes and types of wood or metal, and ensure the style fits your existing garden. For extra privacy, look for a style with small spacing between the slats.

Climbing Plants

Tall evergreen plants in pots can make for an effective instant screen, but another option is to train climbing plants on walls. Plants muffle sounds from loud neighbours and traffic, making them a better option than hard landscaping.

Climbers and creepers are ideal if you want to cover up or soften boundary walls. Climbing plants grow relatively fast, and some species are evergreen, making them ideal for a year-round cover. A climber can be trained on support trellises that add to the privacy of your garden.

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardening has gained popularity over the last few years and is a great alternative to climbing plants. Ready-made fabric pockets can be used to cover empty walls in a relatively short time (instantly as opposed to the climbers), and act as a green screening boundary.

Planting Trees

Tall trees, for example conifers, are ideal plants for green screening. For privacy purposes, look out for taller growing varieties. Bamboo species are ideally suited because they grow fast (unlike conifers or other fruit trees) and few metres high.

When planting for screening, keep in mind aspects like growth patterns, shading, and roots behaviour and needs. The closer they are to your house, the bigger the area they will screen visually.

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