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How To Add Greenery To Your City Apartment

How To Add Greenery To Your City Apartment

For many city dwellers, there comes a time that they start to long for a bit of nature; some greenery and freshness to lift their spirits and energise them. Apartment dwellers, in particular, may long for a bit of green to liven up their homes. Which is why we’ve compiled this guide to adding greenery to your apartment.

Window boxes

Who says you need an outdoor area to have outdoor plants? One can purchase window boxes which attach to your window frames or sit on your window sills-they take up little space and are ideal for fragrant flowers like sweet peas, roses or jasmine.

Patio oasis

If you’re lucky enough to have a veranda, why not use it? Invest in some beautiful pots and fill them with the plants of your choice, and create your own natural haven attached to your flat. Add a small table and chairs for a finishing touch.

Keep it culinary

If you want plants that are functional as well as pleasing to the eye, why not opt for edible plants? Purchase plants suitable for cooking and add them to your kitchen; you can easily cut off a few stems or flowers for cooking while the plants add a bit of life to your kitchen. Plants like mint, oregano, basil and thyme are happy to grow in small pots and are the perfect additions to your meal preparations.

Hang it up

When it comes to adding plants to your apartment, don’t limit yourself to only putting pots on the floor or tables. Hanging plants are visually pleasing and encourage visitors to gaze upwards- making your apartment looking larger. Macramé plant slings can offer an easy way to hang up your plants. You can also add air plants which require little maintenance and are an interesting feature in your home.

Indoor plants for the plant-killers

If you don’t have green thumbs and you’ve killed more plants than you care to remember, opt for something low maintenance. Cacti are hardy and require very little care- merely place them in a spot where they’ll get some sunshine and an occasional watering, and they’re likely to thrive.

More than décor, plants offer a bit of vitality and natural beauty to your home. Contact your local nursery for information about suitable indoor plants for you!

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