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Accra’s Great and Historical Sights

Accra’s Great and Historical Sights

Accra has a rich history that begs to be explored. Here are some of the highlights.

Accra’s Great Historical and Cultural Sights

History boffs and proud citizens have a great choice of sights to see in Accra. We look at the highlights for tourists and locals alike.

National Museum of Ghana

The National Museum is an excellent place to brush up on the history of Ghana, with cultural exhibits and demonstrations that provide insight on the diversity that makes the country so special. Of special interest is the weaving of Kente cloth and the history of Ashanti foot stools. There are also statues of traditional dancers, displays of traditional musical instruments and some modern paintings on exhibit.

Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and Memorial Park

Dr Kwame Nkrumah was one of the forerunners of Ghana’s independence. He ultimately became one of the nation’s founding fathers and was appointed as its first president. The park comprises five hectares of land that houses a museum, manicured gardens, statues and the mausoleum.

WEB du Bois Centre

This used to be the residence of WEB du Bois, a contemporary of President Kwame Nkrumah as well as an American Rights civil leader and a Pan-Africanist. Du Bois was invited to work on an African Encyclopaedia and travelled back to Ghana at the age of 93, accompanied by his wife, to fulfil this task. The residence was later turned into a museum.

Artists Alliance Gallery

The gallery was founded in the 1960s and houses a magnitude of works by local artists. A tour through the gallery offers a mix of antique Asafo flags, ancient strip-oven kente cloths, huge metal sculptures and fantastic masks, to name but a few. You can buy directly from the artist, with shipping all over the globe.


Jamestown is one of the oldest areas in Ghana and is a great source of historical facts and sites, with many interesting buildings dating back to the days of Portuguese and British inhabitancy. The town was originally established as a fishing village in the 17th century as is still used as a fishing harbour, with a unique and special colourful look and feel. Interestingly enough, the neighbourhood is famous for producing talented boxers and is spotted with homemade gyms.

Accra offers a wealth of entertainment and cultural and historical gems. The city has such a rich history and all these places are making sure that it stays preserved.

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