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9 Ways to Save On Your Mortgage – Part 2

9 Ways to Save On Your Mortgage – Part 2

As the cost of housing continues to rise more people, even those that are wealthy, are looking for relief wherever possible.

Borrowing money to buy a home is expensive but with a few smart strategies you can reduce your monthly mortgage payments and how much you pay for your house over time. In this three-part post we will look at 9 tips to help you save money on your mortgage.

Buy a less expensive home

Sometimes the easiest way for you to save on your mortgage is by buying a less expensive home. If you can find a home that has everything you need for less than you were initially willing to spend you should buy it. This opens up the possibility for you to put down more money and reduce your loan amount.


As life changes so do your needs and wants and if the home you currently own has become too much of an expense with space and amenities you no longer use you should consider downsizing to help cut costs. You shouldn’t have to pay for what you no longer use. Not only will you be saving on your mortgage but on the rates and taxes, insurance and even maintenance costs.

Shop around for insurance

If you’ve just purchased a house be sure to shop around for insurance to make sure you get the best rates around. The last thing you want to do is take the first policy that pops up because you’re lazy to do a little homework. If you already own a home, you should review your policy regularly and if things no longer add up seek out a new and improved policy.

Lookout for part 3 of our post where we discuss three more ways to save on your mortgage.

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