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9 Tips for Proper Pet Etiquette – Part 3

9 Tips for Proper Pet Etiquette – Part 3

House hunting as a modern day pet owner has become quite challenging especially since more people are showing an interest in living in shared developments like, townhouse complexes, estates and apartments.

Living in a shared space means you need to be on top of your pet etiquette 24/7 especially if you and your furry friend want to live in harmony with those around you. In this three-part blog we’ll look at 9 tips for proper pet etiquette.

Get insurance

All pet owners should consider get special insurance that covers them in the in event that their pet escapes and causes damage or harm to someone. It may seem like overkill but the last thing you want is to be saddled with serious medical bills because your dog got out and sunk his teeth into your neighbour.

Safety first

Being a good pet owner means making sure that you, your pet and your neighbours are safe at all times. Never leave your pet unattended around any hazardous areas. Drive ways, balconies and swimming pools could all be a danger to your pets so never leave them unattended if you are aware that they are the curious type. The same can be said for your neighbours, if your dog is not very friendly make sure that you put up a warning and discourage children from teasing or harassing your pets.


The best thing you can do for yourself, your neighbours and your pet is to take them to formal training. It may seem like too much effort but if you want to be in a position to control your pet having a professional teach them right from wrong and correct negative behaviour is probably a very good idea. Everyone will love you and you and your pet will probably make more friends around your new neighbourhood.

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