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9 Tips for Proper Pet Etiquette – Part 2

9 Tips for Proper Pet Etiquette – Part 2

House hunting as a modern day pet owner has become quite challenging especially since more people are showing an interest in living in shared developments like, townhouse complexes, estates and apartments.

Living in a shared space means you need to be on top of your pet etiquette 24/7 especially if you and your furry friend want to live in harmony with those around you. In this three-part blog we’ll look at 9 tips for proper pet etiquette.


Making sure your pet gets enough exercise is important. Exercise will help to keep your pet from getting bored and tearing up your house, yard and even trying to escape. When pets down get enough exercise it results in behavioural problems which spells trouble for you and the neighbours. Walking your dog regularly will help to get rid of all that excess energy.

Keep it down

It’s natural for dogs to bark and anything can set them off but once they start the onus is on you to make them stop before it gets out of hand. There’s nothing more annoying than pet owners who leave their animals to bark, cry and whine persistently. One of the most common complaints against pet owners is usually related to noise, so find out what the issue is and do your level best to calm your pet down.

Mind those manners

Just because your apartment complex or estate is pet friendly that does not necessarily mean that those around you are as big on animals as you are, after all they may be afraid of dogs, allergic or just not like them. When you’re out in the common area be sure to keep your pet on a leash and keep them close to you at all times so they don’t stray into other people’s personal space.

Lookout for part 3 of our post where we look at three more tips for proper pet etiquette.

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