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9 Tips for Hiring the Right Contractor – Part 3

9 Tips for Hiring the Right Contractor – Part 3

Hiring the wrong contractor can quickly suck the joy out of your home construction project and leave you feeling stressed out and in financial hot water. While the construction industry may be full of sub-standard and suspicious contractors there are more than enough reputable professionals to choose from.

In this three-part post we will share nine guidelines to help you separate the real from the fake and choose a professional contractor and ensure a good working relationship.

Have a detailed contract in place before any work begins

Before any work commences make sure you have detailed contract in place. Your written contract should include important information like start and completion dates, exact cots, specific work to be done and warranty information. Make sure you read the fine print.

Set a payment schedule

Agreeing to and setting a payment schedule is a good way to gauge your potential contractor’s financial health. You should never pay deposit of more than 25 – 33% of the total job cost and final payment should only be paid once the job is complete.

Be visible

Once work has commenced its essential that you are visible and involved with your project to ensure that you catch any issues early on. Review the work with a foreman and ask questions as work is getting done. Take photos as the job is being done. Keep your proof and good records and make sure to talk to the contractor if you have concerns.

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