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9 Tips to Add Colour to Your Space – Part 3

9 Tips to Add Colour to Your Space – Part 3

Colour is one of the easiest ways to revamp your home décor and give it a chic feel. For the budding, interior designer selecting the right colours for any space is an exciting challenge but for the average Joe on the street the concept of adding colour to you home can seem overwhelming.

To help you beat the beige blues we look at nine ways to add colour to your space in this three-part post.

Add a little black

Whatever colour scheme you choose to go with don’t forget to add a little black to the mix. Black clarifies the other colours in the room, according to design gurus the world over, so go ahead and throw in a black lamp shade, picture frame, vase or scatter cushion.

Consider contrast

Contrast affects how you perceive a room. A high-contrast space uses light and dark colours together and gives off clearer more highly defined vibe than a space that incorporates low contrasts. If you’re going for a formal look opt for a high contrast room while a low contrast colour scheme will be great for an informal, soothing space.

Let the colour flow

Creating a flow in your home is essential because you want everything to come together in the end. To create a flow of colours from one room to another, simply choose a colour you’re using in one room and restate it in a different way in an adjoining space. Use the colour in larger or smaller degrees as you move about the home.

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