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9 Tips to Add Colour to Your Space – Part 2

9 Tips to Add Colour to Your Space – Part 2

Colour is one of the easiest ways to revamp your home décor and give it a chic feel. For the budding, interior designer selecting the right colours for any space is an exciting challenge but for the average Joe on the street the concept of adding colour to you home can seem overwhelming.

To help you beat the beige blues we look at nine ways to add colour to your space in this three-part post.

Look at the colours you wear

We all know which colours work well for us, so you should look at the colour scheme of the clothing you wear most often. You choose certain colours because you look good in them so why would you decorate your home in a colour that does the opposite? If you don’t wear a certain colour don’t buy a couch in that colour because you’ll look washed out sitting on it.

Fall back on seasonal colour schemes

Having a hard time deciding where to go with your colours? Fall back on colour schemes associated with the seasons. If you’re looking to create an uplifting, fresh feel in a space think of a spring colour pallet which includes pinks, lilacs and yellows. Looking for a warmer, subdued space? Think autumn with shades of mustard yellow, reddish-oranges and browns.

Take notes from nature

Take a page out of Mother Nature’s book and decorate your space from dark to light in a vertical direction. Use darker colour values for the floor, medium colour values for the walls and light values for the ceiling just as Mother Nature does.

Don’t miss part three of our post where we look at three more tips for adding colour to your space.

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