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9 Things That Can Go Wrong with Real Estate Transactions – Part 3

9 Things That Can Go Wrong with Real Estate Transactions – Part 3

Buying or selling a property can be pretty exciting. From the moment you make the decision to the time you find your dream property and are ready to seal the deal the entire experience usually goes off without incident for most.

With that said there are those times when your joy and excitement is turned to nervous tension because something has gone wrong. In this three-part blog we look at 9 things that can go wrong in real estate transactions.

Failure to disclose pertinent information

When one of the parties fails to disclose pertinent information like making major purchases on credit prior to closing this can drastically affect the outcome of the sale or purchase and chances are the deal will fall through. It is essential that all parties disclose any information that will affect the likelihood of the deal being successful to avoid wasting time and money.

Buyer or seller gets cold feet

Sometimes a deal falls through for the simple reason that one of the parties gets cold feet. At times people make the decision to buy or sell quite hastily or without considering all of their options. The result is almost always someone getting cold feet and pulling out of the deal at times.

Choosing the wrong property company

When you decide to make a major decision like buying or selling a property its important that you choose to work with an experienced real estate agent or property development company.  Certain situations require a certain level of expertise or specialisation. The above challenges are common in real estate but nothing an experienced professional company, like Mobus Property, can’t handle which is why working with the right company is essential.

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