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9 Rules for Arranging Furniture – Part 2

9 Rules for Arranging Furniture – Part 2

When you’re faced with an empty room knowing how to fill it can seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve recently moved into a new home. What worked in your past space may not necessarily gel in your new room which can be quite daunting however, with a few basic guidelines you can get it right every time.

In this three-part post, we look at nine rules for arranging furniture in your new home.

Don’t push furniture against the walls

Its important to leave a little bit of breathing space in your rooms so don’t push your furniture up against the walls. This little bit of space between your furniture and the walls will make your room feel bigger even in a smaller space.

Put tables at arm’s length

Every seat in your living room should have easy access to either a side table or a coffee table. You don’t want your guests leaning over uncomfortably to put their drinks down or retrieve them. Side tables should be approximately the same height as the chair arm while your coffee table should be the same height as the chair or sofa seats or lower.

Get a big coffee table

When you’re choosing a coffee table you should go big or go home. A large coffee table not only looks good but its functional. It will serve to anchor the room and make it easier for everyone to put drinks down or for you to display food where everyone can access it. If you can’t find a large coffee table, try two smaller coffee tables or a coffee table alternative (like a large ottoman).

Don’t miss part three of our post where we look at three more rules for arranging furniture in your home.

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