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9 Reasons to Build Your Own Home – Part 2

9 Reasons to Build Your Own Home – Part 2

The idea of building your own home may seem like a luxury but in actual fact there are many reasons that make it an attractive option for everybody. When you look at the costs of buying a home that adequately fits your needs and compare them to the cost of building a home that does the same, building almost always comes out as a better financial decision.

We’ve rounded up nine reasons you should consider building your own home in this three-part post.

New homes offer you more

Old, obsolete homes may not address the way people live today. New homes have floor plans designed to facilitate interaction with family and friends which typically means more of everything, especially space. Homes built today have more square feet of liveable space when compared to homes built 20 years ago.

Technologically current

When you buy an older home you often have to retrofit it with the latest technology, to get it up to the modern living standards you are used to, which can be quite costly. By building your own home you can include all the latest technology in your plans which will greatly reduce your costs in the long run.

Lower energy costs

Older homes where not built to be energy efficient which means higher energy costs for heating, cooling and lighting your home. Building your own home allows you to take energy efficiency into account from the get-go. From energy efficient windows to better insulation technologies you can design a home that saves you money.

Lookout for part 3 of our post where we look at three more reasons to build your own home.

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