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9 Reasons to Build Your Own Home – Part 1

9 Reasons to Build Your Own Home – Part 1

The idea of building your own home may seem like a luxury but in actual fact there are many reasons that make it an attractive option for everybody. When you look at the costs of buying a home that adequately fits your needs and compare them to the cost of building a home that does the same, building almost always comes out as a better financial decision.

We’ve rounded up nine reasons you should consider building your own home in this three-part post.

Everything is new

There is something special about living in a brand new home and knowing that no one else has lived under that roof. In a world where being the first to do something doesn’t come around often, being the first person to soak in your new bath or shower or enjoy your new facilities is a refreshing experience, that experience is even more special when the home has been built to fit your every need.

You can customise your home

Building your own home means building it exactly to your needs and wants. You have control over everything that goes into your home and how it is designed from the colours, cabinetry, floors and finishes to the features and designs. Building your own home means you won’t have to settle for anything you don’t like because there are 10 other things that make it worthwhile as you would if you were to purchase an older home.

It’s less expensive to maintain

Purchasing an older home means that you will have to fork out more money in the end for maintenance. When you build your own home everything is new so you have the benefit of direct manufacturers warranties on everything including new appliances, products and systems. You also won’t have to replace any old parts and new building materials are more durable and often require less maintenance.

Lookout for part 2 of our post where we look at three more reasons to build your own home.

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