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9 Home Décor Dos and Don’ts – Part 3

9 Home Décor Dos and Don’ts – Part 3

Decorating your home is an exciting exercise but if done incorrectly it can quickly turn into an expensive nightmare. Interior designers around the world agree that there are a handful of décor disasters that keep reappearing throughout their travel.

To help you avoid making any of these dire design mistakes in your new Mobus Property we’ve rounded up nine home décor dos and don’ts in this three-part post.

Don’t neglect proper lighting

Lighting is not simply about installing bright lights all over your home. The right lighting can transform any space. Key factors to thing about include the colour of the light, the quantity of the and where to place it. You need to consider how it will look at various times of the day and year and plan accordingly. The best way to successfully light your home is to use layers of lighting and invest in dimmers so you can adjust your lighting accordingly.

Do deviate from the norm

Everything in your rooms does not need to match. Some of the most beautiful spaces are achieved by mixing and matching so don’t feel obligated to stick too rigidly to your store bought “theme”. Play around with textures, colours and patterns and feel free to mix accessories in with your ready-made pieces from the store.

Don’t use daring colours on key pieces of furniture

Bold colours are great for statement pieces but should be avoided for key elements of your furniture. A hot pink couch may seem fashion forward at the moment but it is not practical in the long run. If you want to spice things up think colourful scatter cushions or other accessories that you can easily (and inexpensively) switch out when you get tired of them.

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