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9 Home Décor Dos and Don’ts – Part 1

9 Home Décor Dos and Don’ts – Part 1

Decorating your home is an exciting exercise but if done incorrectly it can quickly turn into an expensive nightmare. Interior designers around the world agree that there are a handful of décor disasters that keep reappearing throughout their travel.

To help you avoid making any of these dire design mistakes in your new Mobus Property we’ve rounded up nine home décor dos and don’ts in this three-part post.

Don’t Ignore scale

Size matters so don’t ignore scale and proportion when decorating your home. Furniture and accessories can be too small or too big for a space which is why you need to give this aspect of your décor special attention. The right combination of items can make a small room look larger and a large room seem cosier.

Do test out a colour before you paint

Paints can look very different from their samples on the can so make sure you test out the colour before you invest. Factors such as lighting, time of day and the room itself can affect how a colour looks. Decide on a few options (one darker than the colour you’ve chosen and one lighter) and paint a section of your chosen room then observe which one looks better.

Don’t ignore function

Many people make the mistake of decorating a room without fully considering its function. It is essential that you know how you want the room to function. Are you going to entertain there, dine there, do you have a large family, is it just two of you? As you choose pieces of furniture, think about selecting pieces that will enhance the way you will live in the room.

Don’t miss part 2 of our post where we look at three more home décor dos and don’ts.

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