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9 Home Décor Dos and Don’ts – Part 2

9 Home Décor Dos and Don’ts – Part 2

Decorating your home is an exciting exercise but if done incorrectly it can quickly turn into an expensive nightmare. Interior designers around the world agree that there are a handful of décor disasters that keep reappearing throughout their travel.

To help you avoid making any of these dire design mistakes in your new Mobus Property we’ve rounded up nine home décor dos and don’ts in this three-part post.

Don’t buy cheap furnishings

In the design world there is a vast difference between cheap and inexpensive and the one thing you never want to do is buy cheap furnishings. Buying a couch simpler because it is cheaper could be more expensive in the long run when you have to replace it in five years. Don’t sacrifice quality for price

Do move furniture away from the walls

Moving your furniture inward creates a warmer intimate seating arrangement that is conducive to conversation. Many people make the mistake of pushing their furniture up against the walls which is not recommended regardless of whether you’re decorating a large or small space. Use your judgement when doing this for example, couches should be brought in slightly if a room is smaller, and more if a room is larger.

Don’t go overboard with furnishings

Clutter is your enemy when it comes to home décor. Not every nook and cranny in your home needs to have a piece of furniture or accessories. If you want to showcase your belongings or collections place them throughout the house and group them together like with like, if things start to get too cluttered remove some items and swap them in at a later stage, this will help keep your décor looking fresh.

Don’t miss part 3 of our post where we look at three more home décor dos and don’ts.

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