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9 Home Building Mistakes to Avoid – Part 3

9 Home Building Mistakes to Avoid – Part 3

Building your own home is an exciting experience. being able to start with a blank canvas and bring your dream home to life is something that appeals to most of us and when that opportunity presents itself, like it has at Richfield Lifestyle Estate, it’s hard to turn it down.

With that said constructing your dream home can quickly turn into a nightmare if you aren’t careful. In this three-part post we will share 9 home building mistakes to avoid, to help you make the most of the home building experience.

Poor space planning

It can be tempting to give yourself an oversized master closet suite. But would some of that space be more practical in your bedroom or master bath? It’s easy to imagine you have all the space in the world when you’re looking at a blank slate. Make sure you size everything proportionately, so you don’t end up with important spaces feeling cramped.

Including underutilised rooms

While having a home gym, or play room might seem like a great idea because you have aspirations of learning to play an instrument or getting fit but do you really need to waste space and money on a room that will be underutilised? Be realist about your desires and instead of making the space specialised you can create a multi-use space that functions as guest room/study/ playroom

Making changes during the construction phase

It’s natural to make mistakes or change your mind, sometimes you would like to change materials or adjust the size of a room or layout but these changes to your home should be made during the design phase and not the construction phase. Changes during the construction phase are costly, they can add to your financial expenses as well as the allocated time to for the project.

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