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9 Home Building Mistakes to Avoid – Part 1

9 Home Building Mistakes to Avoid – Part 1

Building your own home is an exciting experience. being able to start with a blank canvas and bring your dream home to life is something that appeals to most of us and when that opportunity presents itself, like it has at Richfield Lifestyle Estate, it’s hard to turn it down.

With that said constructing your dream home can quickly turn into a nightmare if you aren’t careful. In this three-part post we will share 9 home building mistakes to avoid, to help you make the most of the home building experience.

Selecting the wrong lot

The site you choose will play a major role in your home which is why you should never settle or feel pressured to purchase a lot because “it’s the last one” or “they’re selling like hotcakes and you might miss out”. When selecting a lot remember to consider the size, shape and view as well as the location and surround infrastructure.

Working with the wrong builder

Your goal is to bring your dream to life which is why you need to find the right construction partner to help you do this. Do your research and find someone you can connect with, once you find a few potential candidates ask to see samples of their previous work.  Don’t forget you will be working with your construction team for a few months so you need to be able to build a relationship where you can rely on their expertise and they will respect your requirements.

Ignoring additional costs

Having a budget for your home building project is essential but many people often forget to make room for unforeseen costs. Even the best laid plans can go wrong so make sure you have of a slush fund to accommodate any mishaps.

Lookout for part 2 of our post where we share three more home building mistakes to avoid.

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