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8 Things to Throw Out of Your New Luxury Home – Part 1

8 Things to Throw Out of Your New Luxury Home – Part 1

Moving on in life often means letting go of things that weigh you down. If you’ve just purchased a property in Richfield Lifestyle Estate the last thing you want to do is take old tacky items into your new luxury lifestyle.

Our guide will help you get rid of the things that just don’t fit into your new space anymore and replace them with something fresh and sophisticated.

Plastic hangers
Multi-coloured plastic hangers don’t exactly scream luxury living and unless you’re a college student there is no good reason for you to be hanging your clothes on them. You may want to consider getting rid of them and replacing them with classy wooden or bamboo ones.

This is another one of those things that are best left behind in your 20-something past. Frayed, unframed posters are an eyesore and have no place in a luxury home. However, if it’s too hard for you to part with your favourite classic movie poster, setting it in a deep frame will help bring out the character and keep it classy at the same time.

Overused towels
Do yourself (and your future guests) a favour and get rid of all the threadbare and stained towels you’re still hanging onto. You don’t have to replace your ratty towels with hotel quality stuff, unless you want to, but there are more than enough stylish and classic options available so select something that matches your new luxurious style and budget.

Plastic dishware
There’s a place for plastic dishware in the world. They’re great pieces for people who have children but no adult who lives in a luxury estate should ever willingly eat off a plastic plate or drink from a plastic cup. Chuck out the plastic dishware and replace it with mature classic glassware and ceramics.

Upgrading your lifestyle can be a little scary but fear not because we’ve got more tips to help you get rid of anything else that’s holding your new luxurious style back in Part 2 of our post.

If you’re looking to make the move to a new luxury home, contact Mobus for more information on the range of properties available at Richfield Lifestyle Estate.

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