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6 Ways to Soundproof Your Apartment – Part 1

6 Ways to Soundproof Your Apartment – Part 1

As modern work and family demands drive lifestyle changes, more people are finding the idea of living in a residential complex or apartment attractive. For those who are accustomed to staying in a freestanding family home living in a multi-family dwelling can be noisier than usual.

Soundproofing your apartment is not only good for you but for your neighbours as well. Not only will you keep unwanted noise out, you’ll also be keeping the noise you create in which is sure to win you the neighbour of the year award. In this two-part post we will look at six ways to soundproof your apartment.

Replace your doors

A solid wooden door is a good place to start with soundproofing your home because it provides a much better sound barrier, especially when compared to cheaper hollow core doors. If a solid wooden door seems too pricey try a particleboard-core door or a composite-core door.

Use draft guards

Most people use a draft guard or deal seal to keep the cold out but did you know they are also a good way to soundproof your home? The crack under your door is the perfect place for sound to slip in and out so invest in a draft guard or door seal.

Add rugs

Wooden floors and tiles are great conductors of sound so to minimise the amount of noise coming from your apartment invest in good rugs or carpets to lay down. Not only do the rugs add a certain something special to your décor they will ensure that the neighbours below you aren’t subjected to the constant pitter-patter of feet coming from your apartment especially if you have little children or pets.

Don’t miss part two of our post where we look at three more ways to soundproof your apartment.

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