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6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Spare Soom – Part 1

6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Spare Soom – Part 1

So you’ve moved into your new four-bedroom townhouse at Richfield Lifestyle Estate, but one of the bedrooms is unoccupied and you feel that the space can be better used. Fear not, we’ve put together a two-part list of ideas to help you make the most of this unused space and avoid inadvertently turning it into a junk room.

Library or reading room
Avid reader? Why not turn your spare bedroom into a new home for all your books by placing a couple of removable book shelves in there? You can even kit your new library out with a couple of comfortable reading chairs and side tables with lamps to enhance your experience. Anytime you need a break, you can simply pop into the library and escape into the pages of one of your favourite books.

Study or workspace
Turning your spare room into a study or workspace is not one of the most original ideas, but it has been around for years for a number of reasons. If you’re a parent, you’ll know that having a designated homework area can be very useful for your kids. If you don’t have kids, having your own designated work area in your home could be a useful way to allow you the option to work from home yet still keep the two areas of your life separate by restricting your work to that particular space.

Kid zone or playroom
If you haver younger children, why not turn your spare room into the designated kids zone or playroom? This will free up the pyjama lounge for your older kids, who are less likely to turn the place upside down. Creating a designated play area will make the kids feel extra special while at the same time help to keep your house in order.

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If you would like the option of turning your spare bedroom into your dream space, contact Mobus or visit www.richfieldlifestyle.com for more information the properties available in this development.

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