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6 Things to Throw Out of Your Home Right Now – Part 2

6 Things to Throw Out of Your Home Right Now – Part 2

One of the biggest reasons we hold onto stuff is because we believe that we may want to use it someday but the reality is that we rarely do. Everyone has items in their home that no longer serve a purpose or have been replaced by new improved versions.

If you’re guilty of hanging onto superfluous items around your home, it’s time to assess the damages and get rid of what you no longer need. Not sure where to start? Try tossing out the six items in our two-part post.

Electronics you don’t use

Many people hang onto old cell phones, laptops, DVD players and remote controls because they believe that they may need them in the future. The truth is you probably won’t need any of these old electronics so all they’re good for is gathering dust. Rather sell or donate them to someone who has better use for them.

Product manuals

Okay we keep product manuals around for a few reasons but ask yourself this, have you ever had to use one? If the answer is no or you’ve had the item for a considerable amount of time it may be time to throw out the manual. Most companies have a copy of the product information available on their websites today so you can still access the info if you need it without keeping the clutter.

Take away menus

Printed takeaway menus are among the top kitchen draw clutter items. Everyone has that one kitchen draw that is full of nothing that makes any sense and 50% of the time you will find stacks of printed (probably outdated) takeaway menus. Most restaurants keep a copy of their menu online making the printed menu totally unnecessary. If you consistently order from the same place, chances are you know the menu like the back of your hand and don’t necessarily use the printed version anyway so throw it out.

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