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6 Things to Throw Out of Your Home Right Now – Part 1

6 Things to Throw Out of Your Home Right Now – Part 1

One of the biggest reasons we hold onto stuff is because we believe that we may want to use it someday but the reality is that we rarely do. Everyone has items in their home that no longer serve a purpose or have been replaced by new improved versions.

If you’re guilty of hanging onto superfluous items around your home, it’s time to assess the damages and get rid of what you no longer need. Not sure where to start? Try tossing out the six items in our two-part post.

Old magazines and newspapers

Many people keep old magazines and newspapers as a reference for certain things, it could be diets, recipes, or style advice but if they’re dating back years they’re of no use anyway. The fact is that you don’t need old magazines and newspapers. Besides, you have the Internet for viewing archives of old content – don’t let the print versions clutter your living space.

Dated spices

While dried spices and herbs don’t have an expiration date they will lose their flavour and aroma. Holding onto anything older than six months is pointless so take an inventory of your spice cupboard right now and throw out all your old spices. If you haven’t used them by now chances are you just aren’t going to any time soon.

Mismatched kitchenware

Look around your kitchen. Are there any appliances, cutlery or crockery that is damaged or that you no longer use? It’s time to throw out all your chipped dishes, and Tupperware without lids and mismatched coffee mugs. Anything that no longer serves a purpose or makes sense needs to be thrown out because it’s taking up much needed space and looks tacky.

Don’t miss part two of our post where we look at three more things to throw out of your home right now.

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