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6 Things That Make a House a Home – Part 2

6 Things That Make a House a Home – Part 2

Someone once said that home is not a place, it’s a feeling. This could not be more true. While many of our blogs have looked at tips and tricks to turn your new house into a luxurious haven, we know that the things that make a house a home can seldom be bought.

So what makes a house a home? Is it the perfect location, the size and amenities or the way you decorate?  In this two-part post we’ll share with you the elements that make your house unique and homely and we hope that you bring them with you into your new Mobus property.

Comfy corners

No matter how modern and luxurious your house may be all homes need a space where you can relax and let loose. For some this may be the TV room or pyjama lounge while others prefer to create a space outdoors or even convert a spare bedroom into their own comfy corner to read, laze about, meditate and just enjoy their home however they see fit.

The family heirlooms

Your home may be filled with the latest décor items but there is always something special about the one or two items that have been passed along from family member to family member. They don’t always have to be the biggest of things but the connection they create between generations helps to make your house unique and homely.

The collections

The longer you stay in a space the more items you will add to your décor that defines your personal style. These things make your house homelier. From the handmade rug you picked up during your travels to the collection of antique biscuit tins you proudly display and your children’s artwork on the fridge. Each item says something about the people who live in the house, they tell the stories of the life you live and what could be homelier than that.

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