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6 Things to Consider When Buying a Residential Plot – Part 2

6 Things to Consider When Buying a Residential Plot – Part 2

Buying a plot and building privately is a dream for many potential homeowners and while it’s considered the most cost effective way of living in the home of your dreams, many people aren’t sure what to look for when purchasing a residential plot.

To help get you up to speed, we’ll look at six things to consider when buying a residential plot in this two-part post.

Review roads and access

When looking at a plot it is important to consider proximity and access to public roads. Ideally you would want to live near these major arteries so that you have access to public transport should the need arise. It is also very helpful during the construction process to be in an easily accessible location.

Research restrictions and limitations

Depending on where your plot is, it may be subject to a number of restrictions and limitations. For example, if your plot is near a natural resource such as a river or lake you may be restricted in how you use your land. If you are building in a residential estate you need to check if there are any restrictions with regard to how your house has to look and how you may build. Always check the property’s use restrictions to ensure you can use the site and build the home the way you want.

Research infrastructure and utilities

It is essential that you understand exactly how you are going to connect water, electricity and sanitation services to your property. Find out who is responsible for assisting with this and if there are any hidden costs involved with the process.

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