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6 Qualities of Successful Property Developers – Part 2

6 Qualities of Successful Property Developers – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our post aimed at helping you know if your property developer is the real deal. Property is big business so it’s no wonder that property developers are popping up all over the place at alarming rates.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the traits of successful property developers to help you weed out the phonies.

A successful property developer shows creativity in their work. They aren’t afraid to do things with their developments that others aren’t. They are pioneers who incorporate cutting edge designs, new building materials and alternative construction methods into their projects to deliver above and beyond customer expectations. They also use this creativity to incorporate what they have into existing neighbourhoods without doing any damage to the existing environment.

Not afraid to make hard decisions
A genuine property developer is not afraid to make the hard decisions. The greatest battle for any developer is between delivering a project within the designated time and delivering quality, and in this instance a genuine developer knows that quality always trumps the timeline. Pushing a project back to ensure that clients have quality homes and facilities that are not risky and can last for years is of paramount importance.

Customer centred
Last but not least successful property developers are focused on customer care at all times. Good developers are candid with their customers with regard to what they should expect from the development and they offer alternatives and solutions where they can to meet the customer’s needs. They are always available or contactable and go out of their way to inform customers of possible delays to the project.

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