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6 Outdated Kitchen Trends

6 Outdated Kitchen Trends

It is easy to get caught up in the latest trends when it comes time to update your kitchen. You may want to get the most popular colour or countertops.

However, a few years later, your kitchen can still look dated, especially if you are planning to sell your home in the foreseeable future.

Here are the kitchen trends to avoid if you want your home to have a classic, timeless look:

  1. Dark red-toned cabinets

Dark reds can make a kitchen feel closed in and heavy. Not exactly what you may want for a welcoming, homely kitchen. Stick to neutral or cooler tones to add some freshness and light to your kitchen.

  1. Graphic posters or signs

We all know those ‘Live, Love, Laugh’ signs have been making the rounds for a while now. Posters with motivational sayings and cute sayings are quite outdated. If you must have adornments on your kitchen wall, stick to canvas art or photography.

  1. Pot racks

Organising and showing off shiny copper bottom pots may have been trendy a few years ago but honestly, it just gives you more work. It’s an extra bit of space that must be cleaned almost daily. After all, no one wants to see dusty copper pots.

  1. Barn doors

Those rustic barn doors were a great look for hiding pantries and laundry spaces – in 2015! Not so much anymore. This is another feature that makes your home look dated and makes it harder to find buyers when reselling.

  1. Brown granite

This pattern makes a kitchen look busy, heavy and sometimes cheap. If you must have granite countertops in your kitchen, look for a more timeless, classic colour that you won’t get tired of looking at in the following years.

  1. Subway tiles

These small tiles look cute, but it just adds more cleaning to your routine. Smaller tiles mean more grout and more maintenance. Opt for a larger tile or backsplash that is easier to clean.

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