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6 Lifestyle Trends Taking Over 2017 – Part 2

6 Lifestyle Trends Taking Over 2017 – Part 2

The new year is an exciting time for trend watchers around the world because it brings with it new ideas for all things lifestyle as well as refinements on old favourites.  In part 1 of our post we looked at three lifestyle trends taking over 2017, courtesy of Pinterest’s predictions.

The popular social media network used popular pins, picks from influential pinners as well as some hand-selected choices from their own team to bring us 100 trends to lookout for this year. In the second part of post we’ll look at three more trends worth noting this year.

Tech that compliments your lifestyle

We may be moving in a natural direction with our shabby chic décor, eco-consciousness and inviting nature into our homes, but we certainly won’t be moving away from the tech takeover. Rather technology will be geared towards improving our urban lifestyles and bringing us closer to the outdoors. Think wearable gadgets and high functionality cameras.

Customisation is king

Celebrating uniqueness is set to make serious waves this year. From the way we style our homes to the parties we host, the more unique personalised and customised elements we can add to set us apart the better. This is a time for the imagination to reign supreme. Think of adding DIY elements to your décor, parties and style to nail this trend.

Softer colour palettes

Keeping in line with the rise of the shabby chic natural approach to the way we style our homes in 2017, softer colour palettes are set to be favoured over the traditional blacks and whites. Natural navy, green, wood and off-white shades will capture this trend.

The properties in the Mobus Property Development portfolio are rooted in classic elegance with a modern, luxurious twist that will work well with all things on trend meaning that if you purchase a Mobus property today, you can be sure that it will still be relevant in 10 years’ time.

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