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6 Key Players in Your Home Building Team – Part 2

6 Key Players in Your Home Building Team – Part 2

There are a many moving parts, people and pieces involved when building a new home and putting together a strong team that works well together is essential. It’s important to remember that as the future homeowner you are an essential member of the team and ultimately its leader which means you need to know exactly who to rely on and what their roles will be.

While your home building team will consist of many people, we will look at six of the key players in your home building team in this two-part post.

Building inspector

The building inspector is responsible for making various inspections of the property and home throughout construction from grading the land and pouring the foundation to the finished home.  The building inspector is essential for ensuring your new home meets national and local building codes.

Building official

The building official is the person responsible for approving the construction of a new home in a particular municipality and issuing building permits. In many cases your building inspector and building official will be the same person.


The subcontractors are hired and managed by your general contractor and include crews of specialised tradesmen that perform specific tasks for the construction of your new home such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, roofers etc.

While you may not work directly with all of the team members, it is your job to know who they are and what their roles are in regards to the construction process. If you familiarise yourself with the team members mentioned here and their roles during construction, all the steps of the building process with go more smoothly for you and you won’t be caught off guard when a problem or issue arises.

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