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6 Floor Plan Mistakes to Avoid in Your New Home – Part 2

6 Floor Plan Mistakes to Avoid in Your New Home – Part 2

Building your own home from scratch is the ultimate chance to create something that is completely designed around your own unique needs. From the size and number of rooms to the overall look and feel you’re in control of all aspects of your home which is why you should pay special attention to your floor plan to ensure you end up with the home of your dreams not a nightmare.

Whether you’re working with an architect to design your dream home or looking at potential floor plans online try and avoid the six common mistakes in this two-part post.

Excluding your family when picking a floor plan

Don’t make the mistake of keeping your floor plan decision making to yourself. Being the sole decision maker can sometimes backfire on you so bring in your husband, wife, children roommates or whoever else will be living in the home with you, to make the all-important decision regarding your floor plan.

Assuming the sizes of room will be sufficient

You may assume that the dimensions of a room on a floor plan are ideal only to realise later that the furniture doesn’t fit like you thought it would. For a guideline measure your existing furniture and walking area to determine how much space you need in your next floor plan.  If you’re looking to add more space to your home add on additional area to your measurements.

Forgetting about family visits and entertaining

Depending on your lifestyle if you love to entertain, consider your home fully occupied when planning kitchen, dining room and living room areas. This will ensure you plan room for mingling, eating, dancing, serving and of course walking through your home.

From young couples and singles starting out on the property ladder to families and those wanting a retirement pad for two, deciding to build your own home will be your best decision yet.

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