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6 Bathroom remodelling tips

6 Bathroom remodelling tips

So, your bathroom looks a bit old and tired, and you feel you need a fresh look? Remodelling can revitalise your home and improve the value of your property. But before you go about it, here are 6 fantastic tips to make the renovation process a roaring success.

1. Plan a layout

Create a well-organised layout plan; this will be invaluable in helping you avoid unnecessary layout mistakes. Before demolition starts, show the plan to your electrician, tiler or other tradespeople to check that they don’t spot any potential pitfalls. Lower your plumbing costs by avoiding changes to the existing sanitary layout.

2. Consider all the options

Before you start work, take a look at all possible suppliers to evaluate cost, delivery time and value. Don’t forget to look online as you might find the perfect piece there.

3. Reuse sanitaryware

If you can, reuse any good-quality taps or sanitaryware. This is cost effective and can create character. If you want to rejuvenate your salvaged sanitaryware, you could always add a new coat of enamel or colour.

4. Take waterproofing into account

Don’t forget to budget and plan for your waterproofing needs. All bathrooms need some waterproofing, and this is one area where budget-buys won’t cut it.

5. Pick trusted tradesmen

When deciding on tradesmen, be sure to select someone reputable. Meet any potential tradespeople face to face and ask for references. Ask friends for recommendations and ask to see examples of their work. The quality of work they deliver will be invaluable and could be the difference between resounding success or dismal failure!

6. Budget!

Before sinking your teeth into your remodelling project, draft a concise, reasonable budget. Plan ahead and research what things are going to cost- and then give yourself some leeway. Home projects rarely end up on budget and its important to budget for any mistakes and re-dos! Giving yourself some wiggle room will leave you with peace of mind.

Big or small, a remodelling project is a big undertaking. Don’t forget to do your homework and prepare as well as you can.

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