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6 Accessories Every Living Room Should Have – Part 1

6 Accessories Every Living Room Should Have – Part 1

Decorating your home is a fun task and while it is a very personal experience there are certain elements that every room needs to be complete. Every living room needs the basic building blocks of a couch, a chair, a coffee table etc. however there is more to your living room than these pieces of furniture.

To bring your living room to life and add some flair you need accessories and while your accessories will vary according to your styles and tastes there are six things every living room needs.  In this two -part post, we look at six every living room should have.

Accent pillows

Throw pillows may not seem like a necessity but they’re a must have for any living room. Not only do they add comfort they’re also another opportunity for you to bring colours, textures and your own style your couch. Even the most comfortable and stylish couch can benefit from a few accent pillows here and there.

A stylish throw

A stylish comfortable throw is essential for any living room that’s lived in. Once again a throw serves multiple functions. Having a throw on hand to curl up under while your reading a book or watching the TV is very useful. They’re great for adding a pop of colour and seasonal flair (think something light in summer and something heavier and furry in winter for those in colder locations).

A rug

If you have hardwood floors or tiles in your living room a rug is an absolute must have for softness and warmth. Opt for something with a soft texture, that feels cosy under your feet. This will make your living room look and feel inviting.

Don’t miss part two of our post where we look at three more accessories every living room should have.

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