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5 Ways to Colour Your Home

5 Ways to Colour Your Home

Paint has never been a more creative, transformative and feel-good home update. Forget the obvious colour renovations and use striking palettes and colour applications. And when you are not in the mood for painting, go for daring and on-trend colour updates and alternatives!

A bold multi-colour scheme

Add more oomph to your walls with earthy and in-fashion tones such as mustard, terracotta, burnt orange, spicy reds and pinks. Use paler colours – the lighter shade in the palette – for bigger areas, and keep the darker shades for the trim. Dare to go further and complement your wall colour scheme with painted floors and ceilings for a truly inspiring colour-blocked interior.

Instant art upgrade

Give solid-colour walls a colour-blocked character with an array of abstract paintings and framed coloured paper in a loose and fresh composition. Create and paint a shadow line between the wall and the floor for a sophisticated finish. Choose complementary tones for your art display, and take your theme further with matchy furniture pieces.

Patterned wallpapers

Rich hues such as fiery tones of orange, red and yellows make for a luxe and warm palette. An alternative to bold painting updates is the use of wallpapers that add a clever pop of colour to any room. Use micropatterned wallpaper on walls that conceal storage doors, and bold prints on feature walls.

Strong colour palette

Achieve a bold interior with a cohesive feel by pairing jewel-tone pieces with muted neutrals in similar shades, for example, red and pinks, or emerald and blues. Offset a strong colour palette such as ocean-inspired hues or yellows with earthly elements and wooden additions.

Rich and earthy elements

Raw linens and soft leathers in warm colours – think ochre, copper and rich browns – are ideal for reupholstering dated armchairs or sofas and add some colour interest. Balance out the soft interiors by incorporating warm metallic accents and pops of black. Tactile finishes and interesting textures contribute to the multi-layered look.

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