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5 Tips for High-End Property Buyers

5 Tips for High-End Property Buyers

The concept of a luxury home is built around more than just size, but rather how it makes the homeowner feel. The amount of amenities and small conveniences that allow a homeowner to feel lavished and spoiled determine the level of luxury they assign to their home, but sometimes it’s the small things that make a home truly luxurious.

If you’re a modern home buyer in search of a luxury home, these five things should be at the top of your list:

Unobstructed views and light
Regardless of where you live and how much it costs, your home should have unobstructed views of the outdoors and let in a good amount of natural light. “Dingy during the day” has never been seen on a property listing for a luxurious home; in fact, it’s never been seen on the listing for any home because not only does natural light make you feel good, it helps kill bacteria.

A practical layout
Luxury homes are generally characterised by their practicality as much as the amenities, and one which offers homeowners a clear separation between social areas and their private space is best. What this means is that guests will be able to move around your home and enjoy the open space without walking through your bedroom to use the house’s only toilet.

Double-volume space or high ceilings
Many modern luxury homes have been built on the concept of double volume. This is because builders and home designers find it easier to leave out the interior walls – replacing them with concrete slabs for an elevated loft or bedroom. As a high-end property buyer, ceiling height is often of great importance – a property with double-volume space can often resolve this issue for you.

Good architecture
Good architecture retains value so try and go for a property that has a beautiful yet practical design. A good building design should feature a solid foundation, unusual details, high-grade materials and an artistic component that will stand the test of time.

If you’re looking to buy into an estate, the reputation of the property developer and manager are of great importance to you because it allows you to judge the standard of the property appropriately according to the collective experiences of others. If you want luxury, choose a luxury property developer.

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