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5 Things to consider when picking a neighbourhood

5 Things to consider when picking a neighbourhood

Moving to a new home can be quite taxing; choosing which area to move to, even more so: deciding on a new neighbourhood requires research and consideration. Here are our top tips to help you decide whether a prospective community could be a good fit.

1. Rising home prices

Do some research into what the houses in that neighbourhood are valued at and find out how this compares to the average 5 and ten years earlier. Consider the home prices of the city, and the country overall, to see whether the area aligns with the national standard or whether it has performed better than the national or city-wide standard.

2. Schools

Take a look at the number and quality of the schools nearby. Would your children be able to walk to school or would they need transport every day?

Even if you don’t have children and aren’t planning on having children, living in an area with a sought-after school system can raise your property value.

3. Community

Take into the spirit of the neighbourhood and assess whether the neighbourhood fits your needs. Does this neighbourhood have a tight-knit and welcoming community? Are the neighbours open to interaction?

4. Lifestyle

Is the neighbourhood suitable for your lifestyle? What is your current style of life and will the district support it? Are you looking for peace and tranquillity, or hip-and-happening vibe? Take into account the businesses and restaurants in the area, and how they could fit into your lifestyle.

5. Safety

Safety is an important consideration when purchasing a new home and should be evaluated accordingly. Ask around about the safety of the neighbourhood- you can ask your prospective neighbours, nearby shop owners, the waiter at a local restaurant. Contact the local police bureau to get more in-depth information.

At the end of the day, think about how living in that neighbourhood will work with your habits and daily routine, and above all, go with your gut.

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