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5 Reasons Why Townhouses Are Better

5 Reasons Why Townhouses Are Better

Initially reserved for the aristocracy in Europe, townhouses have always been associated with a luxurious standard of living.

As times change and global population growth skyrockets, the idea of buying a townhouse has become more appealing to a new generation of homeowners in search of all the comforts a freestanding home provides with the added benefit of living in a secure, low-maintenance environment.

If you’re currently in the market for a new home, here are five reasons why a townhouse could be your best option:


Townhouses are popular because they offer potential home owners many of the benefits of a freestanding home without the corresponding exorbitant price. Modern townhouses offer homeowners value for money as many come with additional facilities, such as swimming pools, which would normally drive up the price of a freestanding home.


Modern townhouses often exist as part of a larger access controlled complex.  For those who need the freedom to travel, either for work or leisure, townhouses provide peace of mind thanks to their lock-up and go nature.

Community engagement

Rising crime rates around the world have left owners of freestanding properties with no other option but to raise their walls, leaving interaction with neighbours at an all time low. Townhouses offer you the opportunity to interact with your neighbours and raise your family in the community-oriented environments of old.

Low maintenance

Depending on the complex you buy into, you could have the benefit of a garden without the fuss that comes with maintaining it, thanks to property companies or homeowner’s associations, which will often see to the general maintenance of gardens as well as external fixtures and finishes.

Efficient living

As the cost of living goes up, many modern townhouse complexes like Richfield Lifestyle Estate offer homeowners an opportunity to save not only money but the planet as well with features like low-energy lighting and solar heating.

Whatever your needs, Richfield Lifestyle Estate has got you covered with three- and four-bedroom townhouse options that offer luxury at affordable prices.

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