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5 Ideas to Keep Your Home Organised

5 Ideas to Keep Your Home Organised

Organising your home is a continuous process that needs regular tweaking and maintenance. Having a few guidelines goes a long way to help you stay organised and tidy.

  1. Start New Organising Routines

Break the old clutter habits and create new organising ones. Start small. Resolve to keep one area organised at all times. It could be your kitchen counter, bedside table, or stationery drawer. Set aside time periodically to keep this area neat. It will motivate you to get going in other areas.

  1. Find a Place for Everything

Putting things away where they belong feels much easier when they have a designated place to begin with. Work out the best placement for specific items in different areas of your home. Get into the habit and make sure you place those items there all the time.

  1. Live within Your Space

Every storage solution, container, filing system, drawer and cupboard has a limited amount of space. To maintain tidiness, when these spaces fill up, give up purchasing and adding similar items. Reclaim the space by keeping it clutter-free.

  1. Have a Simple Filing System

Keep all your paperwork in one place and set aside time on a regular basis to sort and file it. Develop a simple and easy filing system that works for you. Try to avoid buying unnecessary storage boxes. Chances are you already have plenty of storage alternatives that need serious purging.

  1. Plan De-clutter Time

Ideally, you would rather put away immediately in their rightful place the items you are not using, so you can easily find them later. If this is harder to achieve, make a plan at the end of each day to allocate time and go through your home to collect everything that it is not in its place. Put these items where they belong.

Your life can be easier and less stressful when you follow simple steps to help you stay organised daily. Commit to plan and organise your space better – and enjoy the results.

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