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5 Great Ideas to Decorate Your Rental Home

5 Great Ideas to Decorate Your Rental Home

Decorating a rental home can be fun: use the space as a canvas to express your personal style and character. Here are some ideas to make your rental space feel like home.

Add Pops of Colour

Introduce colour in your rented space by painting all walls or opting for accent walls. Get approval first if necessary. Do not paint existing or natural furniture, e.g. kitchen cupboards unless otherwise allowed to do so. Instead, spice up your own furniture by repainting it.

Easy ways to add more colour accents are colourful accessories and décor items, e.g. vases, paintings, lamps, cushions, tableware, etcetera. Bold and bright-coloured furniture pieces can add further appeal and playfulness – ideal for the patio or garden too if it is the case.

Choose Peel-Off Wallpaper

If painting walls is out of the question in your rented house or apartment, you can still personalise your space and introduce your favourite colour palette by installing self-adhesive removable wallpaper. Make sure it can be easily peeled on and off just like a sticker.

Another great way to spice up walls is to use decals and paint stencils. Adhesive paper can work well to update small areas, bedroom cupboards, and kitchen countertops too, plus it is easy to peel off and clean.

Introduce Comfy Rugs

With a variety of styles, patterns and colours, rugs add warmth and personality to any room and bring your décor elements together. It does not matter whether your rental home has wooden or carpeted floors; a textured rug can uplift the entire décor scheme.

Accessorise Rooms

A rental place shouldn’t limit your creative flair. Use the space and express your individuality through the smart choice of home accessories and décor items.

Accents such as lighting fixtures, mirrors, texturised blankets, curtains and pillows add immediate personality to a rented place. Choose accessories that can be easily removed and taken away, and remember to safe keep the original fixtures.

Invest in Statement Pieces

Splurge on investment pieces that will look amazing no matter the layout: elegant armchairs, modern lighting pieces, beautiful mirrors, and framed artworks. Great choices on a budget are throw blankets and cushions in luxurious textures.

Always consult your rental agreement and be aware of the physical limitations imposed before styling the place and adding your unique touches.

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