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5 Great Benefits of Modern Lifestyle Estate Living

5 Great Benefits of Modern Lifestyle Estate Living

Estate living is an appealing concept to many residents whether they are looking to be part of a gated community, prefer an easy lock-up-and-go setup, or want to feel secure at home.

Mobus Properties weights in the main advantages of estate living, and what you should consider before buying into an estate development.

  1. Community Support

Estate developments foster a sense of unity and friendship among neighbours.

If you want to be a part of community gatherings and activities, or want to feel at peace when you travel knowing that you can rely on your neighbour next door to take care of your pets, living in a gated estate can be indeed a good idea.

  1. Security and Privacy

Safety is very important to many residents, and estate living provides extra security for the neighbourhood. Security measures such as fingerprint access and visitor check-ins are common.

Furthermore, the estate’s body corporate can erect speeding measures and speed bumps inside the development to ensure the safety of residents and their children.

If you are particularly interested in added safety and privacy for your family, estate living is a great choice to make.

  1. Status and Luxury

Modern living is definitely on most residents’ list when it comes to choosing a suitable home. Estate homes offer contemporary layouts and more modern finishes than most freestanding residential homes in established areas.

Furthermore, your home is a reflection of your lifestyle. It is no wonder that many residents consider it a veritable status symbol. Estate living offers prestige for the middle to upper-income class, similar to having access to a private club with select access.

If the above is important to you, luxury estate living is a good fit.

  1. Cost Sharing

Estate living has the advantage of offering extra resources for all residents living in the community. Most estates include facilities such as a clubhouse, a restaurant, various recreational areas and children’ playgrounds, a gym, and a pool.

Communal living and pooled resources help in making lifestyle more affordable for some residents. For example, having access to a spacious community pool is a great bonus if you cannot afford, do not have the required space, or prefer not to have a pool installed in your private garden.

However, some luxuries come at an extra cost to the owners, so enquire beforehand to have a better understanding of maintenance expenses and levies, and any additional costs associated with living in the estate.

  1. High Property Value

Estate residences tend to have a higher resale value than freestanding homes, particularly with the prevalent perceptions of safety, privacy and exclusivity. Automatic gate systems, biometric security measures, and fencing are a major plus for buyers.

The estates’ location in an up-and-coming or affluent neighbourhood, the easy access to entertainment facilities and shopping malls, and the modern living factor considerably boost the property value.

Ready to live in a luxury estate? Try one of our upmarket, world-class developments.

Richfield Lifestyle Estate is ideally situated in Accra’s fastest growing Middle to Upper-income community, East Legon Hills/Santeo. The gated community offers residents several amenities such as 24-hour security, generous landscape spaces, an entertainment centre, a retail centre, and creche.

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