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5 Factors That Have Changed The Face of Multi-Unit Living

5 Factors That Have Changed The Face of Multi-Unit Living

Traditionally Multi-Unit Living developments have not been viewed in a positive light, but today property developers have managed to turn this around by creating developments of which advocates of single-unit living would be envious.

The status of living in a multi-unit development has changed and modern-day homeowners in search of urban luxury are catching on to this trend.

If you’re part of the new generation of potential homeowners in search of a new residence, you may want to consider buying into a multi-unit development for these five reasons:

Fancier living and perks – There are certain things, such as a gym or swimming pool, which you may not be able to afford when you buy a free-standing house. Buying into a modern-day multi-unit residence that has access to these luxury facilities, such as Phoenix Villas, works out cheaper for you because the facilities are shared and usually not the main selling point of the property.

Diversity – If you’re a family person, you know that the environment in which your children grow up is critical. Living in a multi-unit development exposes your children to a diverse group of people and this constant interaction will equip them with the social skills and tolerance that will help them to cope in a diverse world as they grow.

Avoiding isolation – For families with only children or bachelors and bachelorettes, living in a multi-unit development can be a godsend as these living arrangements encourage socialisation.

Increased safety – There’s safety in numbers, as the old adage goes, and this could not be truer for multi-unit living. Residents living in a multi-unit development are less likely to be victims of crime, based on the numerous layers of security available in most modern-day complexes.

Accessibility – Multi-unit developments have traditionally been situated near city centres to give their residents easy access to important amenities like schools, hospitals and shopping centres. Fortunately for modern-day homeowners, property developers like Mobus are still taking this into account when planning developments like Phoenix Villas.

If you’re interested in modern-day multi-development living, contact Mobus for more information on what Phoenix Villas has to offer.

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