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5 Decor Ideas to Transform Your Garden in the Hot Season

5 Decor Ideas to Transform Your Garden in the Hot Season

No matter the size and layout of your outdoor space, welcome the hot season with a fresh take on your backyard. Here are a few tips to create an inviting space.

  1. Create Seating Space to Hang Out with Family and Friends

Gather your loved ones outdoors by making room for a sitting area. There are various options to decorate this space: casual seating around a fire pit or under shady trees, elegantly displayed patio furniture, or table and chairs for alfresco dining.

Up the style factor by incorporating topiary, fountain or sculpture, or a favourite piece of artwork to attract attention and personalise your outdoor seating space.

  1. Provide Shade with Awnings and Patio Umbrellas

Giant-sized umbrellas are proving popular and excellent to add shade to your outdoor seating area during the hot sunny days.

If your hanging out area is smaller and located close to a wall, a nice-looking awning can also have the desired shade effect.

  1. Incorporate Water and Fire Features

Add a water or fire element to your outdoor space, or why not make use of both?

If you do not have a pool, setting up a fountain or pond will add some fluidity to the garden and turn heads. Fountains or waterfalls provide a focal point to the garden.

Fire pits and gas-powered outdoor heaters are another attractive alternatives for balmy summer nights.

  1. ‘Swing it’ with a Trendy Hammock or Outdoor Swing

Unwind in an outdoor swing or tie up a hammock between the trees. These are fashionable and enticing features inviting total relaxation.

Hammocks and swings add a personal note to your garden and patio and come in many styles and colours – be bold and creative when you pick yours.

  1. Bring Nature in with Archways, Living Walls, and Bird Houses

Invite nature and create depth with archways. Archways enable transition between various areas of your outdoor space. Cover these with pretty flowers.

Also, consider a vertical garden or a living wall to green space even further.

If you love birds, make a special spot to attract them with a birdhouse or birdbath to spend time in your garden. Bird features can be placed in creative ways, both horizontally or vertically on a wall.

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